If your business or personal finances are buried under mountains of debt, Johnston Law can help you determine the best course of action.  Every situation is different and we have the experience to help you determine a plan to work out of your debt, potentially without a bankruptcy filing.  We can help you develop a workout plan and strategy, handle negotiations with creditors, coordinate the settlement, and draw up the necessary documents.

Many creditors are anxious to settle with debtors, especially when an attorney can provide reimbursement alternatives with a more positive outcome for the creditor than if the debtor filed bankruptcy.

If you are a business owner:

  • We will work to ensure your business continues to operate during debt settlement negotiations.
  • We can assist you in negotiations of your commercial loans.
  • Eliminate business debt by negotiating discounted payoffs.  The goal is to settle your debt with the bank at a lower amount to eliminate business debt.
  • We can assist you in developing debt management procedures so you can avoid bankruptcy.

Some people choose to try to negotiate with their bank on their own, but hiring a qualified attorney can be more beneficial as it can lead to more efficient and effective results.  The attorney will better know how to work with the bank to reach acceptable agreements.  It may also be more motivation for the bank to negotiate if they know a debtor is working with a bankruptcy attorney.  Every situation is different and has its own complexities.  It can be difficult for individuals to understand all the intricacies.