Collecting debts can be difficult.  Having professional legal help is essential to optimizing successful collections.  State and federal laws may impede your collection efforts.  However, our experienced collection attorneys can guide you through the collection process to maximize recovery and reduce stress.  We provide creative cost effective solutions for creditors of all types, including businesses, individuals, and lenders.  Creditor’s rights in bankruptcy can create potential pitfalls.  Allow our attorneys to advise you on how you can maximize your return on debts even after the debtor files for bankruptcy relief.

Bankruptcy laws give creditors protections against unpaid debt.  Creditors can decide if debtors are worth pursuing.  Johnston Law helps creditors with pre-bankruptcy, plan for the possibility of bankruptcy, evaluating the cost-effectiveness of pursuing a bankrupt debtor, and collecting debts in bankruptcy.  We provide creative cost-effective solutions for business creditors, lenders, and business owners.