When facing catastrophic financial circumstances, bankruptcy may be a viable solution for you.  If you are exploring all of your financial options, an early consultation with our firm will give you the facts you need to evaluate the bankruptcy alternative.

It is important to remember that you are not alone.  Most people who seek bankruptcy protection have volatile economic circumstances, often through no fault of their own.  Economic difficulties can arise from a variety of causes – loss of a job; divorce; change in market conditions; catastrophic injury or illness; or uninsured claims.  Bankruptcy is designed to resolve the financial conditions resulting from financial hardship.

How do you know you might need help:

  • Have you been sued?
  • Are you filed nonstop, harassing calls from creditors?
  • Are you behind in critical bills like home mortgage or car loans?
  • Do you have tax or judgment liens against your property?
  • Are you facing garnishment, repossession or seizure of property?
  • Are any of the above interfering with your everyday life?

Bankruptcy is designed to help you in making a clean break from your financial hardships.  Bankruptcy can give you the fresh start you need – free from the burdens of your financial past so you can take on new opportunities and new success.  Our firm has extensive experience in filing both business and personal bankruptcy in Southwest Florida.

To find out if filing bankruptcy is right for you, your first step is to talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  Call us for an appointment at 239-600-6200.