The Firm

At Johnston Law, we work hard to aggressively defend against and resolve foreclosure cases, loans, and business cases, as well as help individuals file bankruptcy. We feel it is important to consult an attorney as early as possible when you or your business are in a time of financial stress. The earlier you act, the more choices you have. If something is not handled properly early in the case, it could close doors and reduce your options.

Johnston Law, a law firm based in Fort Myers and Tampa, specializing in foreclosure defense, loan modifications, commercial litigation, and personal bankruptcy, is one of the most recognized and successful specialty law firms in Florida. With a reputation for being accessible, approachable and dependable, Johnston Law builds relationships with clients by first establishing trust.

Johnston Law has created an atmosphere of caring collaboration, taking the time with each client – large or small – to find creative solutions that work. Bankruptcy is not always the best choice and Johnston Law will explore all available options.

We are here to help with any complex financial issue with legal ramifications, including Chapter 11 reorganization, financial loan restructuring, Chapter 7 liquidation, bank workouts, and acquisition planning.

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Richard Johnston Law serves a diverse client base – from private individuals to business owners. While we focus on Florida, Johnston Law also offers international capabilities, handling legal matters in Europe, particularly the United Kingdom and Germany.

“We understand that clients have many alternatives when it comes to legal services. To set us apart, we seek continuing education and pursue best practices to be not only experts in the law, but also experts in financial matters. Our ultimate goal is to counsel our clients and devise strategies that meet the lenders’ goals and produce the best possible outcome.”

When financial matters get out of hand, turn to Richard Johnston Law – we will help guide you through the legal maze, offering creative, personalized solutions and showing you the path to financial stability.